Pablo Varando
Owner & Operator, ResellSpot, LLC.

About ResellSpot™

The Short Story... I am a full time reseller that was in need of a tool to better manager my inventory from abandoned storage units auctions. Nothing existed, so I built ResellSpot to use and now you can too, for free!

The Long Story... In 2020, I began looking to fill my spare time with a fun new past time (Biddng and Winning Abandoned Storage Units) and I began to film my adventures in my own YouTube show (@MyStorageFinds)... as a Software engineer with over 2 decades of experience; I began to look for a technical solution to my problem of better managing my newly acquired inventory as I posted and sold on websites like eBay, Poshmark, CraigsList and Facebook Marketplace... but I quickly found that the few systems that existed were either too expensive for a part time reseller; or they were just not able to accommodate my needs... so I began to build ResellSpot out of necessity.

The system in my mind is aimed at part time or small scale resellers who need a better way to manage their inventory, generate HTML friendly posts for websites like eBay or Facebook, and a way to easily track their sales in a single spot for all sites. I also wanted to create a solution that is free to use; because as resellers we tend to have a lot of bills already and the less we spend, the more we can earn and the more we can re-invest into more inventory to resell.

As with every system, this is a work in progress... it might not be 100% perfect just yet... but if you see something that you'd like to add.. (a layout, a template, a new selling portal like ebay, or anything else... send us a quick message and we will do our best to implement it!).

As this website continues to grow; we will continually keep adding new features... below is the list of items that is on our roadmap at this time:

  • Complete integration into eBay to automatically create posts (Auction or Buy Now) listings.
  • The ability to import sales of items automatically into the system to enable you to see your listings in ResellSpot™ to be able to better track your actual earnings in a single location for all your listings.
  • Complete integrations into Facebook Marketplace to generate and post ads automatically.
  • A few new (more professionally designed) templates for each selling portal (this is currently in the works)
  • Got an idea? Let us know! Email me: and let me know.

As always, your feedback is much appreciated. Your privacy is the most important thing to us and will NEVER be shared with anyone, for any reason whatsoever.